If the time has come to replace your worn out carpet or cracked tiles, you can always count on CSI to lay your hardwood, carpet or laminate flooring right. The fantastic flooring installers can readily update the floor of your home, office, store, and that of many other properties or businesses. Whether your renovation is limited to a single room or various rooms, a bathroom or a basement, the specialists will happily assist you with bathroom laminate or basement flooring, ensuring the right choice for you.

When your room or rooms have been fully evaluated, the expert will suggest the flooring type that will best suit your needs. Don’t worry if your floor fitting project ends up being a bit too complicated – our precise and swift team is no stranger to advanced installation methods, such as floating, gluing, and secret nailing. As soon as you’ve selected the type of flooring you wish to have, we will reflect your flooring installation cost in your final price estimation.

Supply your own flooring, or ask us to supply for you, team CSI can help with what ever your preference. 


Skirting is an integral part of the feel and design of a room and with so many wood options. You can protect the wall from kicks/abrasion, match the floor finish or use the skirting as a decorative moulding. At CSI we aim to achieve the highest quality finish with your skirting board installations. We can offer the option of just replacing single lengths and matching it as best possible or we can remove all of your existing skirting and install all new boards.